Our yellow party

Hello friends! The last friday we went to school with something yellow to our yellow party and we want to show you how fun we had with the ballons and all the things that we brought. Bye, bye. See you soon! The yellow color.  

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Yellow color

 YELLOW COLOR. The last few days we have been focusing on the color yellow and we did many activities to learn it.  We made a super yellow sun, a poster with yellow pictures, a party playing with yellow objects…even an experiments with water and ice!!! isn´t amazing? have a look and…

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During the English classes

This is one of the activities we do during the English classes, this time we were introducing the concept of the circle. First I gave them a pice of paper and a red crayon; I asked them to paint the paper. Then I drew on their papers circle shapes in…

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Salida al jardín botánico

Salida al jardín botánico. Nos hemos ido de excursión al jardín botánico. ¡Cuántas plantas! Hemos visto muchas de las que hemos trabajado en el proyecto ” el bosque”. Nos han enseñado cómo se recicla el papel, incluso nos hemos llevado una hoja a casa. Ha sido muy chulo. Seguro que…

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Visita al botánico

Visita al botánico. Por fin llegó el día, todos estamos nerviosos, impacientes y muy, muy contentos, nos vamos al Botánico. Hemos visto muchas plantas y hemos reciclado papel. Ha sido muy interesante y nos hemos llevado a casa papel reciclado por nosotros mismos. La salida ha sido aprovechada al máximo.…

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We love puzzles

We love puzzles! Puzzles are good for children’ mind and cognitive development so this week we have worked with puzzles about forest.With puzzles children learn to work directly with their environment and change its shape and appearance. When children flip,turn,remove.. pieces of the puzzle they are learning the connection between their…

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