Learning about our body

Learning about our body The moon’s class have been working hard this week. We have done many activities to learn about our own body even with the PDI. We drew our shape,we painted our hands and feet… It has been so much fun learning and experimenting our body. I hope…

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Our schoolbags

Our schoolbags. What a funny day we have! Not only we have one schoolbag, we have two! We have done the schoolbags you can see in the pictures. They are full of things: our breakfast, pencils, a ruler… We are having fun and as the same time we are learning…

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Autumn Food Workshop

Autumn Food Workshop This last Friday, at Aurora 2 we had a lot of fun trying the autumn food we got from home. We learned the differences between fleshy fruits and dried fruits as well. And, as we are the grown-ups of the school, we didn’t fear trying fruits that…

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